Room dividers and privacy partitions for commercial and residential spaces

Quest Associates is a premier contract firm that represents a variety of quality office furniture manufactures including Loftwall throughout Western, NY and Upstate, NY. Loftwall was founded back in 2008 by Steve Kinder with the goal of giving users "highly adaptive solutions to configure, reconfigure and easily move spaces to embrace the unique ways each organization works differently."

Loftwall is a leader in the industry for room dividers and privacy partitions. You can design a custom Loftwall divider or partition in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select the width
  2. Select the height
  3. Select the frame style
  4. Select the frame color
  5. Select the materials

These room dividers and privacy partitions will allow you to make better use of your space whether it is in the office or at home. Loftwall products include:


  • DOK
  • FRAMEwall
  • WEBwall
  • MOBI
  • WAVEwall
  • BLOX
  • FLOX
  • LAB

To learn more about Loftwall please visit their corporate website: or contact our office at (716) 983-1821.