Protect Your Company’s Privacy

Do you get distracted by what your coworkers are saying? Do you need to protect private customer information? Lencore offers sound masking equipment to companies who worry about sensitive information or struggle with an office layout that’s too noisy. As workstation walls are lowered to provide for more open environments, noise has become and issue. Lencore is the industry leader in engineered system solutions for sound masking, paging & audio, mass notification and emergency communication applications.

 We’ll help you protect important information

We’ll help you protect important information

When you have a sound masking system in place, you can hear people speaking but can’t understand what’s being said. With sound masking, you can create a space that becomes more purposeful and productive. Here are some examples of industries that utilize our technology:

  • Financial/Banking
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government

Lencore transforms environments that change peoples lives. Contact us to learn more about Lencore.