Symmetry In Western, NY and Upstate, NY

Quest Associates is a premier contract firm that represents a variety of quality office furniture manufactures including Symmetry throughout Upstate New York. Symmetry was founded almost a decade ago with the founding objective being to provide "superior, unique products for the workstation/private office, healthcare, educational and government environments at a competitive price."
Experience over the years has allowed Symmetry to continue to evolve their product and brand. They've been able find the balance between the basic work areas that today's workstations and desks provide, and the tools that those employees need to make those spaces effective throughout their day to day.

Symmetry offers well priced and innovated work tools including:

  • Benching
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Power
  • Lighting
  • Accessories

To learn more about Symmetry please visit their corporate website: or contact our office at (716) 983-1821.


Are you looking for a way to charge up and to keep charged throughout your work day? Symmetry offers EON which will eliminate your struggle of finding an outlet with an easily and accessible power source that is right at your fingertips.
EON offers two different power modules for you to choose from:

•Power unit with dual outlet
•Power unit with single outlet and dual US

Both of the above options come in either black or white and include an 8 inch power cord that is UL-listed.
To learn more about EON product options please contact our office at (716) 983-1821.